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Apr 29, 2013 7:00pm EDT
that krisie gave so phenomenal, talking about how obama was demoralizing the economy, he was tough as nails against odama. he was just doing his job here it seems to me, he knows get what he's saying on the six-month anniversary is i want everybody to know i'd do it again if i had to do it over again. >> in this specific incident of this national disaster, i understand why he did what he did. i can tell you on the whole, president obama has not united this unk. remember when he said, we're not red states, we're not blue states. we're the united states t. president hasn't acted like that by and large. did he come to the aid and do in sandy, did that tie him up in a bad way for mit t romney? i think so. looking back on it, i think chris christie will say, yeah, i did what i did. i'm in the ashamed of it. >> do you think republican republican is always attacking, attacking rich people, oil and gas companies. we will get him back later in the show. she back attacking health insurance companies and the rest. do you think he's changed his tune? is he less divisive now? is this charm offensive, ma
Apr 30, 2013 7:00pm EDT
, is furious at that, and obama's polls dropped ten points. >> look, this is just republican talking points and bupkis as they say. >> no -- >> really and truly. no, the fact of the matter is, the sequester was agreed to by both parties. this is a bipartisan screw-up and they did it. >> whose idea was it? >> who cares whose idea it is? i don't know anybody knows -- what difference does it make? they both voted for it and that's a fact. first of all. secondly, it is true that the sequester began to inconvenience a lot of people with the faa but that never should have been in a sequester in the first place. you do not eliminate essential services in a sequester. >> right. >> if you think -- >> right. >> a possibility -- >> that's my point. >> but they both agreed to that. both parties agreed to that. >> the proposers -- >> wait a second. just a minute. this is ridiculous republican talk. the republicans have been moaning and groaning about obama overriding their authority. now they want to give the authority to the president when it's politically convenient to them. it's plenty -- >> fiscally
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2